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Top 5 things to take on long haul flights to entertain the kids!

LMM has been traveling since she was a baby; most of our family live in Melbourne or Ireland, so she's no stranger to an aeroplane. As a child LMM was a model traveller, thanks in part to her bottle and her dummy. Due to the sucking of her dummy, she never had ear drama, and she slept most of the way to our a total milk coma.

Being four now and needing constant stimulation I was dreading the long haul flights coming up on our recent trip. Before our holiday I started looking around the shops to get ideas to keep LMM entertained. It's so tricky though because being in a tight and confined space you're very limited to what you can take without taking over a whole aeroplane.

So below are the top 5 things I found that worked well in keeping LMM entertained while we endured eight aeroplane rides and up to 10 hours flying at any one time.

1. Connect 4 - The Travel size edition.

I found Connect 4 in a great travel size for $2 at Kmart. The number of times we pulled this out during different flights was crazy, and we would have tournaments between the winner and grandma (obviously works well if there are more than 2 of you travelling.) Watch out for sneaky four-year-olds though making up their own rules as they go along!

If you look around, you can find lots of age-appropriate travel games that can be fun for the whole family. Another excellent one is Guess who but LMM is just a little bit young for this game.

2. As much as I hate to say it, the Ipad can be your best friend not only on flights but during your holiday. Before your holiday download any movies, T.V shows or games that your child likes. For LMM it's movies like Frozen, Hotel Transylvania or T.V shows like Paw Patrol, Barbie and Shimmer and Shine. LMM is totally into any Peppa Pig App, and I also downloaded some colouring apps and jigsaw apps as well. Colouring princess and Fairy is a great one, and Dinosaurs Jigsaw for kids is a great jigsaw puzzle.

3. I took a few colouring books, and pencils for LMM and Crayola also have this fantastic colouring folder where the colouring pens only colour on the colouring book, so there is no chance of colouring on you or the aeroplanes chairs (god forbid you had to pay for that one.) You can also get them at Kmart and Big W as well.

4. LMM got this amazing black cardboard for her birthday; it comes with a special tool when you draw on it it makes incredible colours. I don't know where I have been, but I haven't seen this before, and I love it myself. Big W have these amazing packs for $5, and LMM was entertained for ages ( ok so was I... I can't lie I loved it.)

5. The last thing I can say is to take the thing that your child loves playing with the most (if you can) obviously if it's playing with their kitchen you may have to rethink the situation. For LMM it's babies. LMM has had Eva (her Baby) since she was one. LMM loves feeding Eva, changing her and being her mumma. So we took Eva. She came everywhere with us. In this instance, though you have to be prepared to spend the time with your child. I spent an age role playing with LMM. Changing Eva, feeding her, singing songs to her... its a process but all the passengers were happy, and we had nothing but people complimenting me on how well behaved my child was - Score one for mum!

Lastly while I try not to let LMM overindulge on sweets and chocolate and chips normally; on the aeroplane I make sure I carry a supply of bribery or negotiating supplies (that's what I like to think they are anyway!) For LMM it's the Natural Confectionary Co Party Mix and Maltesers....they have never failed me yet!

Well I hope this helps you out in anyway on your next journey. Travelling with a child is definitely different from the care free days of travelling solo, but I wouldn't change the memories you make with them for anything in the world xxx

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