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So much to really there is!

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

When I first moved to Perth from Melbourne 15 years ago there was so much to do, I was young and childfree and my weeks consisted of going out to Pub's, Wine Bar's, Restaurants and Nightclubs. I could go where I wanted and do whatever my heart desired, and generally, on a Sunday morning, my heart and stomach both desired a Sausage and Egg McMuffin Meal from McDonald's to soak up the insane amount of Shots and Cocktails I had consumed the night before. If I wasn't working or going out with friends I was going on holidays, I felt as if Perth could offer me the world, an endless supply of things to do and places to go.

Fast forward to having my daughter Little Miss Michaela (LMM), and I had Melbourne envy. I felt each time I looked on Facebook my friends and their families were going to lots of places and doing amazing things. While back here in 'Nothing to do Town' I bought every ticket for every event I could find to take a one-year-old to. Of course, now I know that taking a one-year-old to Disney on Ice was probably out of LMM's capabilities and attention span — but if truth be told, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the fairy floss and light up Minnie Mouse ears that LMM refused to put on her head.

In Melbourne, my friends were going to the snow in winter and the beach in summer, day trips to Sovereign Hill, Hanging Rock and a billion other places we didn't have here in Perth. I could feel the green-eyed monster raging her nasty little head, and I felt ashamed. Ashamed that I was a small bit jealous of all these families in Melbourne that didn't know that here in Perth I wished it would rain on them (I didn't really, but it seemed to go with the dramatic role I was on). Then all of a sudden LMM became a little older, and I was able to find a lot of things to do in Perth, especially once she turned 3. So with Michaela and I doing and going so many different places over the past year, I thought I'd share the adventures we've been having... Just in case anyone else is feeling as if they are in the same boat I was in.

Some things may be one-off events that perhaps you might not be able to partake in until next year; that's okay you can put it in your diary, at least you'll have some things to do all ready for the new year. Other things we do or places we go you might be able to head off and try for yourself that weekend. Whatever the case I hope that I can give you some good ideas for amazing things to do and great places to go over here in the windy city (we are still calling Perth that right?????).

I'll be starting off with an event we went to this Sunday just gone in an upcoming post. It was a fantastic day out at the Armadale Highland Gathering and Kilt Run.

I hope you tag along on LMM and I's adventures and hopefully, we can entertain and inform you along the way. xx

P.S some of our travels may take us outside of Perth but, I will share those adventures too, you never know when you might be planning your next holiday — whoop, whoop!!

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