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All grown up and wanting a room to show it!

My darling LMM has just turned 4, and along with going bowling with her friends and taking the family to Penguin Island (blog to come soon I hope - if I can get my act together) she also wanted to start making her bedroom a "big girl room." Well, LMM's wish is my command, and I have slowly begun to transform her bedroom from a little girls room to a big girls room. As I complete each step, I will post how I did it or just pictures on progress.

LMM wanted somewhere to put her hats and sunglasses because her dressing table and hat stand she said are "too full." I couldn't find what I was looking for, so I decided to create a look myself from scratch. Below is a picture of what I created for LMM's room; if you like what I've done continue on to see what you will need and how to create the look.

What you will need:

* Small and Large picture frames - you can buy as many frames as you want to make the look you want. I have four large and four small frames from Ikea. You can purchase any frames you want depending on the style of room you have, for me, LMM loves pink and blue, so that's why I went with these frames.

*Fabric to go inside the frame - Once again you choose what fabric will suit the look or theme you have in mind. I bought mine from Spotlight as they have a great range (however the yellow material is an old scarf I had, so you don't need to go out and buy fabric you can see what you have around the house.

*Some cheap plain white fabric to use as a base.

*Ribbon to hang the sunglasses on and to make the bows if you want to add them. I purchased my ribbon from Spotlight for $1.25 for 3 meters, so I was thrilled with this find. I went with a 9mm satin ribbon in 4 colors that paired well with the fabrics and frames.

*Drawer knobs for the hats; I found these at Bunnings which pleasantly surprised me.

*Glue Gun - You can use a staple gun if you like however I like using a glue gun as it's easier to fix a mistake if you make it.

*Scissors (Super Sharp ones are better.)

* Very small cable ties (You will find out what they are for after, I did not intend to have to use these.)

*Smaller screws than the ones you received with your Drawer Knobs may be too big (Once again I found this out later on.)


*Interlocking adhesives (to mount frames)

How to make the Hat Frame:

Start by getting the picture frame and taking off the plastic/glass frame as this isn't needed. Also remove the standing part if it's a frame you can stand.

Next, if you have multiple colours of frames lay them on the ground (along with the smaller ones) and work out where you want everything to go and what fabrics should go with what frames. After this, take a picture, so you don't forget (a lesson I learned the hard way, unfortunately.)

Then measure out the white base fabric and the outer fabric; once you have completed this, get the glue gun and glue down each fabric (I found it best to make the outer fabric slightly larger than the base fabric as it sits a lot neater.)

After this take your ruler and measure out where you want the knobs to go, so each frame is identical. Then make a hole with sharp scissors through the fabric. Now, this is where I came into my problem; once through, the holders for the hat's were too heavy and my fabric sagged forward. So, I tightened the (smaller) screws I had to go and find leaving a small space and then added the cable ties. I then glued around the screw and the cable tie and then pulled the cable tie back slightly until I was happy with how the front seat and then fixed that down.

Repeat process till finished :)

How to make the sunglass frame:

The process to cover the smaller structures is the same as, the larger frames. Once this process is done measure out where you want the ribbon to sit in your frame; I found using the hats and sunglasses as a starting guide an excellent place to start. Make holes on either side with sharp scissors and thread the ribbon through gluing at the back making sure it's tight. Then add your ribbons on either side and voila all finished.

Once finished it's just a matter of grabbing your ruler and hanging everything up to the way you want it and then add your hats and sunglasses.

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